Copic Alcohol Markers Series

This never really took off at the store even though several people requested it.

Introduction to Alcohol and Copic Markers: Many of have us have seen Copic Markers and have wondered if they were worth the cost (They are) but also how to use them. In the Copic Class, we will be learning about the Copic system and working on our coloring skills every month. This is not limited to COPIC but any ALCOHOL BASED Marker. So if you have Primsacolor or Spectrum Noir markers you can use them because they all work the same. $15.00 plus materials

Stamped Images: Using stamped images and alcohol markers and well as discussing paper and ink selections and about digital images. $15.00 plus materials

Hair: Exploring not only hair colors but creating hair texture. $15.00 plus materials

Skin Tone 1: This class we will be coloring lighter skin tones that are realistic looking. $15.00 plus materials

Skin Tone 2: This class we will be coloring darker skin tones from medium to dark. $15.00 plus materials

Reds: We will be using red to color some images. Working with reds can be difficult because they can be the most fussy in all alcohol markers.$15.00 plus materials

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