List of materials I used to make the samples and sample pieces:

All the tiny samples that are either in bright colors or black are Darice O Rings-which I don't recommend for jewelry because they are soft aluminum rings and open easily-if you have taken a class you know I open and close them with my fingers.

The rest are listed below along with source if I have it:
Chainmaille 101 European 4 in 1

These are made with 6mm 18 Gauge Sterling Silver and are over 20 years old. One is a single the other is a double both have snap clasps. I got the rings at Buttons, Bangles and Beads bit the new name is Crystals Bangles and Beads (I guess they got rid of their buttons which was really neat.

The gold one: 6mm Jump Rings from Hobby Lobby
Chainmaille 102 Japanese 2x2
The green bead one is 6mm Jump Rings from Hobby Lobby in the steel finish silver with 6 mm green coated fire-polished beads from Fire Mountain Gems.

The red and black one- 3/16" 18 Gauge Red rings from Ring Lord (I got at a show a year or so ago) with jet fire-polished beads I think they were from Fire Mountain Gems or Bubbles Bead  (closed).

Chainmaille 103 Helm
16 Gauge 5/16" Matte Black
18 Gauge 5/16" Purple (a purple purple not a reddish purple)
18 Gauge 3/16"  Black
All are from Ring Lord but the 3/16" were gotten at the show the other two from their online store-but they were left overs from a special order that he was selling.

Chainmaille 104 Box Chain
Green and Silver 3/16" 18 Gauge rings from Ring Lord (from the same show). 
Chainmaille 105 Byzantine Weave 

Same as the Sterling Silver ones for the 4 in 1. I got the rings at the same time.

Purple:  3/16" 18 Gauge rings from Ring Lord (from the same show).

Blue and Silver I need to finish: 5/32" 18 Gauge rings from Ring Lord.
Chainmaille 106 Persian 3 in 1 
Silver 7mm jump rings from Michaels
Chainmaille 107 Full Persian

6mm Gold and Silver jump rings from Hobby Lobby-yeah insane I know.
Small sample-9mm Silver Jump Rings from Michaels and 9mm Gold jump rings from Hobby Lobby-so students can see what is being done easier.
Chainmaille 108 GSG: Great Southern Gathering 

 Silver 7mm jump rings from Michaels

Chainmaille 109 GSG Sheet: Great Southern Gathering Sheet
Silver 7mm jump rings from Michaels
Watch face from a company called iBead years ago.
Chainmaille 110 Round
Chainmaille 111 Dragon Scale
Chainmaille 112 Persian 4 in 1
Chainmaille 113 Spiral

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