Monday, March 30, 2015

Jewelry Classes April to June

APRIL 6-6-7:30 pm Illusion Necklace: Illusion Necklaces were originally done on fishing line to create an illusions that beads were floating around your neck. The problem with fishing line it tends to do weird things at time, tangles easily and can break suddenly. This version uses 49 strand beading wire to give the necklace flexibly and strength. $15.00 plus materials

APRIL 11 1-3pm Leather Infinity Bracelet: I love this bracelet-I must since I always seem to be wearing one of them. It combines two of my favorite materials-Leather and Crystals. The version I do is a bit different than what most instructors use because I use to make these before a class was ever created. Michael’s original uses glass pearls, I provide you with the items needed to do it in a crystal version and in a semiprecious round bead version. $25.00 plus materials

APRIL 26 10:30-12:30 Pearl Knotting: An ancient form of making jewelry that is still popular in modern times. Knots were used to create a barrier between fragile surfaces of pearls and so if the strand did break you would only lose a couple pearls not the whole piece. Pearls have been a sign of wealth worn by royalty and the wealthy as a sign of status. In traditional pearl knotting, originally a needle was used to guide the silk thread to form a knot right up against the pearl. Then they started to use fine point tweezers. Then came a hand held knotting tool and the latest a table top unit. I have found the tweezer method to be the best and the easiest to master. $25.00 plus materials

APRIL 27 6-8  Wire Wrap Beginner: New to wire wrap? This is the class for you, in this class you will learn to work with wire by creating both simple and wrapped loops to create a stunning necklace that combines beads, sliders and chain. $15.00 plus materials

MAY 4-6-8 pm Wire Wrap Advanced: In this wire class, we will be using wire to create the frames and the earwires for wrapped crystal earrings. Once the frames are made, we will use 24-26 gauge wire to wrap the frames in crystals and add a spot to place a crystal tear drop. $25.00 plus materials

MAY 9- 1-3 pm Wire Wrapped Bead: For this class we will be taking a large oval flat bead and creating a wire cage for it to turn it into a pendant. This class will use two types of wire: square and half round to create the cage and the bail. $25.00 plus materials

MAY 12-6:30-8:30 pm Free Jewelry Class-Mixed Media Bracelet-I am loving it Free with purchase of materials,  Loved it so much I made 2. The top is the style the supplies call for but instead of the heart I used the word Create since it is more ME.

MAY 18-6-8 pm Metal Stamping: Metal stamping is about personalization. In the class, we will learn how to stamp on metal (called blanks) to create personalized jewelry. This is not like stamps we find in the paper craft section but metal. This is the reason my tool bag is so heavy. Michaels will supply the hammer and letter stamp for class use.  $15.00 plus materials

MAY 28-6:30-8:30 pm More information to come but it looks like it is a workshop about repairing jewelry and transforming old pieces into something new by the title.

JUNE 1 -6-8pm Jewelry Sets: For this class, we will be taking a selection of beads and pendant and create an entire jewelry set from earrings to bracelet $25.00 plus materials

JUNE 9-6:30-8:30 pm Free Jewelry Class

JUNE 15 -6-7:30 pm Illusion Dangle Necklace: This is another older class with a Kim Twist. It is a Illusion Necklace with beaded ends that give it a lariat feel. $15.00 plus materials

JUNE 22 -6-8pm Double Strand Bracelet: This bracelet can pair nicely with the Wire Wrap Beginning necklace by using the same sliders and beads. In this class, we will create a bracelet that is two strands bridged by 2 hold sliders and using a two strand clasp. Double strand bracelets are the first step to working with double strands in necklaces. You learn the techniques needed without having to factor in drape. $25.00 plus materials

(Changed Date from the 8th due to free Paper Class)JUNE 29 -6-8pm
Wire Wave Pendant: This class started off original as a bracelet class under the old class system. I made a mistake with a sample and this class was born from it. Using oval beads and wire, we will create a wrapped serpentine pendant with beads that move. Another option is to use round beads and create more of a looped serpentine-the copper and blue version. $25.00 plus materials


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