Friday, June 5, 2015

Jewelry Classes June-Oct

Monthly Classes:

Chainmaille: We will take Jump Rings and create various chainmaille weaves for bracelets. This weaves can be used for other jewelry items but we are limited by time. After the class, Kim will send detailed instructions with color images on the weave for future reference.
June 20th 1-3: Japanese 2 by 2
July 18th 2:30-4:30: Celtic Line
August 8th 1-3 Box (You must take this class to take next month’s Byzantine)
Sept 12th 1-3 Byzantine


JUNE 1 -6-8pm Jewelry Sets:
For this class, we will be taking a selection of beads and pendant and create an entire jewelry set from earrings to bracelet. $25.00 plus materials

June 15th 6-7:30 Illusion Necklace:

Illusion Necklaces were originally done on fishing line to create an illusions that beads were floating around your neck. The problem with fishing line it tends to do weird things at time, tangles easily and can break suddenly. This version uses 49 strand beading wire to give the necklace flexibly and strength. $15.00 plus materials

June 22nd  6-7:30 Memory Wire Bracelets: 
Memory Wire allows for the creation of items where the size of the wearer is not known. This is great for presents because you don’t need to know if Aunt Martha wears a 6.75’ or 7.75’ bracelet and unlike elastic Memory Wire holds it shape and is sturdy over the years. Little Betty can wear the same bracelet as she grows from a 10 year old to an adult. $15.00 plus materials
June 29th 6-8 Metal Stamping:  

Metal stamping is about personalization. In the class, we will learn how to stamp on metal (called blanks) to create personalized jewelry. This is not like stamps we find in the paper craft section but metal. This is the reason my tool bag is so heavy. Michaels will supply the hammer and letter stamp for class use.  $15.00 plus materials
DT Circle SRE Metal Blanks Multi
Jump Ring Mix Rhodium
Charmalong Gemstone Charms Silver (or the gold if that matches the Bronze better)

Choice of One:

Charmalong Heart Charms Silver
Charmalong Heart Charms Bronze

Choice of One:

Charmalong Bangle Bracelets Silver
Charmalong Bangle Bracelets Bronze

In all honesty- I bought my blanks at Hobby Lobby because we didn’t have them when I was making the sample. They are part of the My Findings line there and go 50% every so often. Bring more than you think you need because you will waste at least one figuring things out.
If you have the following, please bring to the class- Scissors, Chain Nose Pliers, Sharpie, Masking Tape, and Ruler.
July 6th 6-8pm Wire Wrap Beginner:   
New to wire wrap? This is the class for you, in this class you will learn to work with wire by creating both simple and wrapped loops to create a stunning necklace that combines beads, sliders and chain. $15.00 plus materials

Findings Mix 100 pcs Silver
Crystal 8 MM Rondel Half Coat Silver
BDS Glass White Luster 4x6mm Rondel
BDS Shell Aqua Round 8mm
SLDR Acrylic Oval Crystal
Bead Landing Chain Sm Thin CRB Rhodium 96 Inc

Feel free to use the colors that appeal to you.
You need at least 3- Sliders with 2 holds and a selection of beads that are 6mm and 8mm.
If you have the following, please bring to the class- Scissors, Chain Nose Pliers, Round Nose Pliers, Nipper and Ruler.

July 11th 1-2:30 Illusion Dangle Necklace:  
This is another older class with a Kim Twist. It is a Illusion Necklace with beaded ends that give it a lariat feel. $15.00 plus materials

July 20th 6-7:30 Stringing:
 We will be combining beads and beading wire to make a bracelet and/or necklace for this class with the help of crimp beads to hold it all together. Students will be taught about material selection and how to use crimp tubes and crimpers correctly to make sturdy crimps. $15.00 plus materials

July 25th 1-3 Wire Wave Pendant: 
 This class started off originally as a bracelet class under the old class system. I made a mistake with a sample and this class was born from it. Using oval beads and wire, we will create a wrapped serpentine pendant with beads that move. Another option is to use round beads and create more of a looped serpentine-the copper and blue version. $25.00 plus materials

July 27th 6-8 Pearl Knotting: 
An ancient form of making jewelry that is still popular in modern times. Knots were used to create a barrier between fragile surfaces of pearls and so if the strand did break you would only lose a couple pearls not the whole piece. Pearls have been a sign of wealth worn by royalty and the wealthy as a sign of status. In traditional pearl knotting, originally a needle was used to guide the silk thread to form a knot right up against the pearl. Then they started to use fine point tweezers. Then came a hand held knotting tool and the latest a table top unit. I have found the tweezer method to be the best and the easiest to master. $25.00 plus materials
Kit: Select White, Cream or Gunmetal Grey and Kim will put together a kit with the option of buying the tweezers. The kit ensures that the pearls and cord are correct for pearl knotting. Kit Options Coming Soon.

August 1st 1-3 Wrapped Cuff: Using the Thing-a-ma-jig, we will take a thick flat aluminum wire and transform it into serpentine cuff with beads wired into the loops. Unlike a bracelet, the cuff a cuff does not have a clasp to keep it on. This is a modification of a cover image from a jewelry magazine who had a clasp on it.

August 15th 1-2:30 Double Strand Bracelet: 
This bracelet can pair nicely with the Wire Wrap Beginning necklace by using the same sliders and beads. In this class, we will create a bracelet that is two strands bridged by 2 hold sliders and using a two strand clasp. Double strand bracelets are the first step to working with double strands in necklaces, you learn the techniques needed without having to factor in drape. $15.00 plus materials

August 22nd 1-3 Rings 2: Second in the rings class, here we will create 2 rings that are adjustable include one that designed for the upper part of the finger which is a popular trend. Then we will use a large bead to create a ring.

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